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How to Dominate Your Boudoir Session

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Destination Sessions

Las Vegas Boudoir Experience What is the Las Vegas Boudoir Experience? In February 2020, pre-covid shutdown, I went to Vegas to photograph several women. It was absolutely amazing to travel to another city and empower women who didn’t live local to me. So how did it all go down? One of my past clients reached […]

Las Vegas Boudoir Experience



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Client Showcase

Look at this beautiful Just Peachy Boudoir babe! Mary’s session was so much fun. She brought a friend with her who was super supportive and such a great cheerleader! We had a lot of laughs and she felt like a rock star. I love hearing why client’s come to me for their session and I […]

Mary’s Boudoir Experience



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Personal Development

Our minds are always thinking. But do we ever stop and think about what we think about? Sounds silly but honestly, when was the last time your brain told you how fat you were? Or how lazy? Has it told you you’re not worthy of love? Or that you’re not beautiful? I know MY brain […]

Don’t Believe Every Stupid Thing You Think



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Boudoir Tips

When people hear the word boudoir the first thing they think of is “sexy photos.” And yes, we do take some really sexy photos but that’s not the only thing a boudoir experience is. Instead of just focusing on the end result of photos, I began to see a transformation happen during the session. I […]

Why My Boudoir Approach Is Different



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Boudoir Photo Shoots

Roseville Boudoir Photography There are so many amazing reasons to do a boudoir session. People come from all over to take part in a Just Peachy Boudoir experience. Besides having an amazing studio in Auburn, CA, we travel to YOU! Take a look at some of the experience. Then contact us to schedule your consult […]

Roseville Boudoir Photography



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Why I Became A Boudoir Photographer It started way before I even knew what boudoir was. I was a wedding photographer and my first bride (who I will forever be grateful to for trusting me back then!) asked me if I would take some “sexy photos” of her as a gift to her groom. I […]

Why I Became A Boudoir Photographer



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Hi all! My name is Lauren and I’m the photographer behind Just Peachy Boudoir! Since you are trusting me with this intimate boudoir experience, I thought I’d give you a glimpse of who I am behind the camera. I’m not just some faceless brand and I will never hide behind the camera. I’ll be the […]

Meet the Photographer: 30 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me



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Boudoir Tips

So you want to rock your boudoir session babe? I don’t blame you! It’s totally okay to be nervous too, that’s normal. I want you to have the best experience ever so I’ve put together my 5 Secrets To An Awesome Boudoir Session below. Of course, you can always come straight to me with any […]

5 Secrets To An Awesome Boudoir Session



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Dear Ladies, This is a letter to you and I want to start by telling you a secret. 99% of the women that come into my studio are self conscious about their tummy and 100% of them have at least one part of themselves they want to minimize. Who are these women? They are like you, […]

You Are Beautiful, Right Now



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Lingerie & Styling

Bringing props to your boudoir session is a great way to make your session extra personal. Show off your personality or do something special for your significant other. Here are the Best Props For A Boudoir Session. Something from/or representing what your partner does for work: One of my client’s had a husband who was […]

Best Props For A Boudoir Session



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