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5 Secrets To An Awesome Boudoir Session



So you want to rock your boudoir session babe? I don’t blame you! It’s totally okay to be nervous too, that’s normal. I want you to have the best experience ever so I’ve put together my 5 Secrets To An Awesome Boudoir Session below. Of course, you can always come straight to me with any questions or concerns. Or even if you want to know exactly what you’re getting yourself into! So here are my 5 Secrets To An Awesome Boudoir Session.

Find a boudoir photographer that you connect with!

Don’t just choose the cheapest photographer. Boudoir is a luxury experience and an investment in yourself. You need to spend some time looking around to find a photographer who you can relate to the images they produce, and who you get along with. You need to be able to trust the person you hire to take your photos because otherwise you will not be able to relax, open up and have a great time. Your photos will reflect your emotions! You want to make sure they put you at ease and answer all of your questions. A boudoir experience is an intimate experience that requires some bravery and boldness on your part so find a photographer who respects the process you are going through. Plus, it needs to be a fun experience! Find someone who will make it fun, easy and laid back.

Get your hair and makeup professionally done.

Several of the Just Peachy Boudoir experiences includes professional hair and makeup (including lashes!) – that’s how important we think this step is. There is just something about getting your hair and makeup done by a professional that leaves you feeling ahhhhmazing and confident! You will feel bold and beautiful and it will show in your confidence when it’s time to take your photos. Be sure to include this in your boudoir experience and I highly recommend staying away from the makeup counters at the mall. Hire someone who does it for a living! It will be well worth it.

Choose outfits that flatter and accentuate your assets.

Don’t force yourself to wear something that doesn’t flatter all of you. Sometimes a bra and panty set is not the best thing and that’s okay! There is nothing wrong with that! Put on a sexy bodysuit or another piece of lingerie. There are countless options for ALL body types. Accentuate what you LOVE about yourself. Love your butt? Wear a killer pair of cheeky panties and some high heels. Love your boobs? Show them off with a sheer cup or lacy push up. I personally consult with everyone before their session and have a wonderful guide that helps find the perfect outfits to bring to your session. When in doubt? Bring more options! Unique designs and fun lingerie tend to look the best in photos so, please, go all out! Want to see some outfits that I recommend? Check out the Boudoir Boutique for links to items or for ideas.

Come to your session confident and ready to be yourself.

A professional boudoir photographer will pose you every step of the way. But sometimes the best photos come when you’re feeling confident and sexy and you just have fun with it! Get into a pose and then touch your hair or give a little laugh – be emotional and dynamic and be YOU. If you’re flirty, be flirty, if you love to laugh, laugh! There is no one judging you and I love when my clients feel comfortable enough to really shine in front of the camera.

Music is always a good idea!

I will have music playing during hair and makeup and during your session but if you have music you want to bring – DO IT! Everyone has music they love and feel the best listening to. Music is everything when it comes to feelings and getting into whatever state of mind you want to be in. I don’t care what type of music is playing during your session as long as it means something to you!

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