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Legacy Members

Legacy Members are Ambassadors who have been in the program for at least 12 months. They are active, empowering and enjoy being involved with their self growth and someone who wants to connect with like minded women. 


how to qualify

Participate in at least 4 group/mini group sessions
Participate in at least 4 individual sessions
Be enrolled for at least 12 months
Complete Ambassador Survey
$23/month auto pay

Must qualify every year to retain Legacy status.
Inactivity will result in Legacy status dropped.

current legacy members


Continue on with the program for as long as you'd like. If you don't yet qualify to become a Legacy Member, you can re-enroll by clicking the button below. 

Re-enrollment fee: $28/month auto pay

*If you are already paying monthly, I will be sending out an email for you to request renewal and your payments will continue as normal.

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Whether it's a spring session on the moody bridge or a field of wildflowers, this session is a favorite when it comes to getting amazing photos.

Spring Flowers

Seasonal Group Sessions


Jump in the water and get some sultry wet clothes photos. Or put on a bathing suit or lingerie. The vibe can be dark and sultry or light and fun.

Summer River


Black black black everything! Let's get spooky with a fog machine, pumpkins, everything fall and Halloween.

Spooky Season


Are you ready to get naked in the snow? Anything from a flowy dress to nothing but your boots goes here. Fur, lingerie and swimsuits work too.

Winter Snow

Seasonal Group Sessions are the big, all inclusive group shoots where ALL active Ambassadors are welcome to join in. These sessions are quarterly and include individual images as well as group photos.

view past sessions

view past sessions

view past sessions

view past sessions

put your bid in for one or several

Mini Group Sessions

Group Sessions are always open to ALL current Ambassadors.
Mini Group Sessions are smaller, more intimate sessions with 3-5 spots open, depending on the location. Ambassadors can submit bids to any Mini Group Sessions they want to attend and a drawing will be made to fill the spots.

If you came up with the Mini Group Session idea, you are automatically put into a spot to go since it was your idea. You can choose a fellow Ambassador to join you, or you can let the drawing fill the remaining spots. 

Do you have an idea for a mini group session?

click here

You can always message me on IG, or fill out the form by clicking below.

marin headlands

play with paint

pool & Champs

Tell Me Your Story

I can see the transformations happen every time each of you does a session with me. It is so powerful and amazing. You all tell me frequently how being an Ambassador has impacted your life. I'd love to hear more about that! Tell me your story.

this journey has impacted you, tell me how!

tell me all the things

what will you think up next?



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