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Best Props For A Boudoir Session



Bringing props to your boudoir session is a great way to make your session extra personal. Show off your personality or do something special for your significant other. Here are the Best Props For A Boudoir Session.

Something from/or representing what your partner does for work: One of my client’s had a husband who was a plumber, so she brought his company shirt, combat boots and one of his HUGE wrenches from his tool box. The photos came out amazing and talk about a personal touch! It was great. Ties and button downs work great too!

Flowers/flower petals/flower crowns: You can really get creative with floral. Or bring greenery for a different look. There are two floral crowns in the studio for your use, but you can also find them on Etsy or make your own. You can find floral and greenery at places like Hobby Lobby, Michael’s and Joanne’s Fabric stores.

50 Shades of Grey: Lace mask, whip, handcuff…etc.

Something from/or representing what your partner likes to do for fun: Sports team jerseys, instruments, working out/sports gear, etc.

Jewelry: Long strings of pearls, wedding rings, diamonds, etc. Are all great to include in your session although I recommend erring on the conservative side and avoid chunky statement pieces. Unless it’s a huge diamond necklace/collar – because obviously that’s awesome. Body chains and head pieces are also really great because they are unique and make a statement.

Musical instrument: If you or your partner play an instrument it’s fun to incorporate it into your session.

US Flag: Great for military, law enforcement…anyone really!

Your favorite pair of heels

Wedding Details: If you are a bride, be sure to bring your veil, wedding shoes, garter, the jewelry you’ll be wearing, something blue, etc.

These are of course just suggestions. During your consultation we’ll talk about your vision and whether or not you want to focus on props or whether you don’t want to bring any at all. This list is meant to inspire your creativity but it is by no means a full and complete list. The best session will be the one that reflects you.

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