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Finding The Right Boudoir Photographer



Finding The Right Boudoir Photographer

Finding the right boudoir photographer is so important for so many reasons! Here are a few tips to get you started.

Find someone you click with.

You feel comfortable around your friends right? Well, your boudoir photographer should act and feel like a good friend! If that means you want to talk on the phone or go out for coffee before your session to get to know me better then heck yes! Let’s do it! Finding someone you like will ensure that you feel comfortable in front of the camera and are more likely to open up and step out of your comfort zone.

Male or female?

Kind of goes along with the first one but deciding whether to choose a male or female photographer is also something to consider. Some people feel more comfortable taking boudoir photos with a female photographers, while others think that a male photographer has a creative edge if they are shooting a session for their fiance or husband. It is all a matter of personal preference and one is of course not better than the other. I happen to know several fabulous male boudoir photographers that I would have do my own boudoir photos any time!

Find someone who fits your budget.

This is a big one because there are so many different price points. How are you to know which is right for you? Some boudoir photographers have studios, some photograph in hotel rooms, others even go outside – it all depends on their business model. Prices vary by package, whether they include professional hair and makeup or whether you have to pay for a hotel separately. Be sure to do your research and find a photographer that fits your budget but still has a style where you will be happy with their photos of you.

Find someone who fits your style.

Every boudoir photographer has a different style. Be sure to look around at a bunch of different portfolios. I would also ask to see a spread from one or two of a boudoir photographer’s sessions. This means asking to see an entire session that was delivered to a client. That way you can see 1) how many images are typically delivered and 2) what their overall spread of images looks like for a client. This lets you know what you can expect out of your own session. Do they have enough poses? Is there style consistent or do they offer different types of styles across the session (ex: sultry and dark vs. light and flirty)? Do you like their editing?

Ask to see samples of albums.

Albums are huge with boudoir photography. I highly recommend purchasing an album from your session because your photos look so amazing in print! Way better than the digital versions! Since albums are such a huge product in boudoir, be sure to ask how much they run in the beginning so you aren’t surprised later. Many photographers will have samples or photos of their albums to show you so you know whether you will like them or not. Albums make a great gift for yourself or your significant other so it’s definitely worth the investment in going through your photographer rather than a cheaper option.

Ask about privacy.

If you have found an amazing photographer and are ready to book your session be sure to ask about privacy! Privacy is so important to me and it should be to the photographer you book as well. I always ask my clients what their comfort level is with sharing their photos online. It always varies and I respect whatever decision they come to. Before their session I even check back in with them to make sure nothing has changed!


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