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Las Vegas Boudoir Experience



Las Vegas Boudoir Experience

What is the Las Vegas Boudoir Experience? In February 2020, pre-covid shutdown, I went to Vegas to photograph several women. It was absolutely amazing to travel to another city and empower women who didn’t live local to me.

So how did it all go down? One of my past clients reached out and said she was living in Vegas and wanted to know if I had any boudoir photographer referrals for her because she had enjoyed her session with me so much she wanted to do it again. Instead of a referral, I came back with, “Girl, how about I come to you?” We brainstormed about how to get a few more babes involved and she posted in her military spouses group to gain interest. It snowballed from there!

I was so excited to see Megan again. Her first session was so powerful and I knew the second time around would be even more so. Repeat sessions are ALWAYS different in a very powerful way. You know what the process is like, you know me, you know how your images before looked and the second time around, my clients ALWAYS bring the heat. Megan was no different! She even sent me a few photos from her first session compared to her second session with the message:

“I had to go back and look at my last session and I am so blown away by the difference. My body is a little bit different–fuller in some places and saggier in others, but I was not expecting the difference in my confidence. Look at this! I love my first pictures so much but that first girl seems to timid and unsure of herself. I am so much more in love with myself now and I LOVE that it comes across in these pictures. Like, WHO IS THIS BITCH?!”

All the effing feels. I absolutely got emotional getting this message from her because it was SO TRUE. She rocked her first session but the woman who came back for the second one, was NOT the same person in her second session. This is common and happens 100% of the time for repeat clients. Seriously. It’s my favorite thing ever to have my babes come back because they know they are beautiful but what’s even better is they LOVE who they are inside and out and it freakin’ shows. This experience is not just a one off – you get the images, cool, done. No. It’s about developing a love for yourself that goes bone deep. That fills your soul with confidence and love and positive energy that radiates out into the world. THAT is boudoir.

las vegas boudoir experience

Another awesome part of this destination session was connecting with my makeup artist, Jovana. I am a part of an International group on Facebook for photographers. When I knew I was going to go to Vegas, I posted in the group asking if anyone had a referral for a hair and makeup artist. Jovana, who is from Serbia, posted that she was going to be in Vegas at the same time I was and would love to do makeup for my clients! We chatted a bit more and I booked her. When I met Jovana for the first time, I knew I had chosen the right person. We clicked right away and she is the sweetest person ever! So fun, upbeat and professional. She added so much value to my client experience and while she did an amazing job on their makeup, I did the hair and we really made a great team! To be able to connect with someone in my industry who lives across the world was so powerful and special to me and it made this adventure that much more special to me. I hope her and I cross paths again!

las vegas boudoir experience

las vegas boudoir experience

las vegas boudoir experience las vegas boudoir experience

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