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Why My Boudoir Approach Is Different



When people hear the word boudoir the first thing they think of is “sexy photos.” And yes, we do take some really sexy photos but that’s not the only thing a boudoir experience is. Instead of just focusing on the end result of photos, I began to see a transformation happen during the session. I decided to focus on giving women the tools to build and access their confidence long after their boudoir session is done. Which is why my boudoir approach is different. I want you to get out of your own way.

As women, we are so hard on ourselves. Sometimes even each other. We play the comparison game and keep ourselves small or hidden instead of celebrating all that is amazing about us. What if instead of hiding and being afraid of our flaws, we put on that swimsuit or put on those clothes you think you can’t wear and we went out and made memories that involved us feeling free from the burden of wondering if anyone is making fun of us. *spoiler alert, they’re not!

Boudoir requires a little bit of bravery and a whole lot of embracing who you are and intentionally letting your personality shine. During your session, I pose and encourage you to really be yourself. I give you permission to be seen and take up space. My clients love the session experience AND the feeling of confidence they get from it that they then carry on into their life.

I firmly believe that when you feel a sense of self worth and have the tools to know how to feel confident, you can actively influence other areas of your life. When you feel good, you radiate positive energy that’s magnetic. It doesn’t matter what you look like then. It matters how you treat people and how you treat yourself. Who would respect you if you don’t first respect yourself?

People sometimes say to me, “Well, okay, but I don’t think I would get that feeling from taking off all my clothes.”

I’d believe that, only, it’s not about how much or how little you wear.

I just choose to express and empower through the art of boudoir photography but it can be any type of portraiture. The act of photographing someone is a vulnerable thing when you really think about it. You’re allowing someone to capture YOU. Not only that, you have to bare yourself to the camera for anyone to even get a glimpse of you through a still snapshot of time. Taking off your clothes, or wearing clothes, it makes no difference in the transformation of seeing yourself in a new way. A way where you insecurities dwindle in the wake of your self worth.

I have just chosen to take that a step further for the ones who it resonates for. I believe women hide behind clothing too much. We feel afraid to wear certain things or nit pick ourselves to death. I believe you have to see who you are to really love who you are. Hiding just means there’s a fear of being seen at your most vulnerable and insecure. So, what if your insecurities didn’t have that power over you? Or what if you could at least minimize it and have the tools to overcome those feelings when they show up?

That’s why I love boudoir. It gives people permission to show up however they want to show up and not be judged or made to feel small. What a community that would be! Which is why I created one. I created my Brand Ambassador program where women can reclaim their confidence by doing multiple sessions a year and be involved with a community of women going through the same journey of self love.

The way these women have evolved through the year has been incredible. Their confidence is contagious. As a group they give off this beautiful, self assured and carefree energy. Anytime I’m around them I feel the power of empowered women, empowering women.

I want to help other women live beautiful lives where they feel like they are worthy of the space they take up and feel empowered to take on the world.

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